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“The good person obtains favor from the Lordbut He condemns a man who schemes. (Proverbs 12:2)

The idea here is that God blesses the man who is merciful and charitable and kind, but that he condemns the man with malice and deceit in his heart. One guy is looking for opportunities to do good to his neighbor, while the other devises a plan to take advantage of his neighbor. Makes sense, right? And we all think we’re in the first category, not the second.

But when I read the word, “schemes” I can’t help but see my self as a schemer. Whenever I devise a plan for my own good–maybe a plan that would help me get what I want or where I want to be–I am not a man who is on the lookout for the best interests of others. You may not know this about me, but I am an expert at justifying my actions and purifying my motives. I can convince myself that my scheme will actually benefit others in the long run. But the Lord knows the heart. A man who schemes has tunnel vision–he fails to live by the law of love and instead is motivated my self-love.

Often times we’re dreamers and visionaries with big ideas and long-range plans, but we tend to see life through a telescope–focused on our scheme or our dream, but missing our fellowman, or worse, walking all over him. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe you’ve found yourself scheming to get your way. We must remember that God gives favor to good men and he knows your needs. He even knows the desires of your heart. Take delight in the Lordand He will give you your heart’s desires. (Psalm 37:4)

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