Dangling feet and false confidence

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When you’re little just about every chair you sit on is a bit tall for you so your feet dangle. I see my kids’ feet dangle at the dinner table, in their car seats, and from whatever surface they’ve perched themselves.

As we get older, we grow into the seats and chairs, and we stop climbing onto anything high enough to let our feet dangle. As I watched my youngest sitting on the coffee table today, feet dangling, I realized just how firmly on the ground I felt my feet were. In that moment I had no doubts about my footing or my path.

With our feet firmly on the ground, we avoid uncertainty. We embrace security. We feel confident.

But what if this confidence we’re feeling is false? What if in our attempts to erase uncertainty from our lives, we are actually avoiding the beautiful unknown of walking by faith?

The Psalmist would pray that his feet be kept from slipping. He knew even though they may be on the ground, sometimes the ground moves. We can’t make our feet sure. We can’t keep them from slipping.

So why not discard the false confidence of feet firmly on the ground in favor of climbing higher, letting them dangle, and trusting God with the path ahead?

How about you? When was last time you allowed yourself into a situation in life where your feet dangled?

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