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When I felt called to the ministry I was just 15 years old. At the time I was convinced that it was specific to student ministry and scoffed at the idea of ever becoming a preacher. My Father (Baptist Pastor, now retired), did his best to tell me otherwise, but I was unpersuaded early on. Little did I know…

Fast forward a few years and I find myself following that call to planting churches and pastoring, and you guessed it, preaching. And guess what, I love it! I love getting to open the Word, seek God’s message and then show others what God has shown me. And I have been able to do it not out of obligation to a job, but for the joy of exposing the life-giving truth of scripture.

For the last year I have had the joy of serving in a role working with leaders and systems in a great 4+ year old church plant as an Executive Pastor. I love analyzing systems, identifying problems and devising a plan to make it better. I have worked with some amazing, high-capacity leaders here at Vortex Church and I’ve really enjoyed the chance to help them (Pretty sure they’ve helped me just as much, but nonetheless…). In this Executive Pastor role, preaching is an occasional opportunity, not a primary responsibility, and I knew that coming here. But oh how my soul has missed preaching the Word regularly.

In about a week I will preach in view of a call for a great church in Arkansas and as I opened my Bible to prepare the message I was hit once again with the weight of the task. I really do love pastoring and preaching and can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m looking forward to getting back into the work of weekly message prep and I’m also excited about this message! I would appreciate your prayers as I work through the passage and get ready to bring the Word and meet some new friends on the 21st.


  • Rodney

    Proud of you and your faith to go where God leads. Thank you for your leadership and friendship at Vortex. Nik and I are praying for you and your family on this new journey.

  • Kristi

    As much as the announcement hurt my heart… I am excited to see where God sends you next. Your family (Weezie) have become great friends to us and always someone that I could count on for support. You loved us unconditionally and become part of our family we loved doing “life” with. I will miss you tons, totally jealous of your new friends but most importantly will love you all forever! Hugs

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