Prayer & Fasting: Day 11

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Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. (Psalms 127:3 NLT)

Today I felt led to call us to pray for the parents in our church. Pray that God will help us to see with fresh eyes the blessing and responsibility that our children are. Pray that we will make the most of the days we have with our kids and that we will raise them to know Jesus and his love.

But I also felt clearly led to pray for the people in our lives who are still waiting and wanting to be parents. Some are dealing with infertility, others are in the process of adopting. Let’s pray for a fresh taste of the goodness of God in their lives today and for encouragement for their souls.

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. (1 Samuel 1:27 NIV)

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