The glamour of plodding

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“Slow-moving and unexciting.” That’s the definition of plodding. How could that be glamorous? I’m glad you asked…

You see, that isn’t the entire definition; there’s also this part, “to work with constant and monotonous perseverance.” You could choose to focus on the word “monotonous” right there, but for me the glamour of plodding is the perseverance… Because perseverance, even if it is slow-moving, means progress.

Maybe that doesn’t sound glamorous to you, but I see people living for excitement in life, and they’re going nowhere. They are chasing–running after a carrot on a treadmill.

So I am committed to plodding…to moving forward. Even if it is slower than I would prefer. And it may not always be exciting, but I will take ordinary progress. I’ve always hated treadmills.

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