The problem with what if

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Playing the “What If?” game can get tricky. Primarily because we usually play it in reverse.

When we typically work through What If scenarios we are rethinking past decisions or rehashing past mistakes. We are wondering how life might be different if we had chosen a different path.

Books and movies love to paint these stories for us. We like to think that if we had made one small decision differently our lives would be significantly altered. Maybe it’s true.

The problem with asking What If in reverse is it’s totally pointless. Unless Marty McFly and Doc Brown show up with a highly modified DeLorean, neither you or I will be going back and changing anything–we’ll never know what might have been…

BUT, we can look to the future. We can think and pray and risk and move and hope for a brighter future. We can look at the mistakes and failures and sins and missteps of the past, and pause for a moment to say, “What If?”

What if I found freedom from this addiction?

What if I truly repented of this sin?

What if I admitted my brokenness and experienced healing?

What if I didn’t give up on this marriage?

What if I started serving in my church?

What if I quit playing it safe and took a risk for the kingdom of God?

What if I became a sacrificially generous person?

What if we asked “What If?” about the future. What if we asked before it’s too late to make the changes that could change everything?

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