Thoughts on sledding at 35

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No I don’t mean 35 mph. Although we were moving at a decent clip down the hill beside our house Monday morning. We had to get out early before the sun stripped us of our fun.

Sara and the kids had already wished me a happy 35th birthday with chocolate gravy and biscuits that morning (if you’ve never experienced CG&B, I am sorry for you), so my 36th year on this planet was starting out amazingly, but as I gave Sara and Millie a push on their sled I crashed down face-first on the ice-packed road and it hurt. Immediately I thought, “Man, that hurt worse than it did 15 years ago.”

I am young, but I’m getting older. I think daily about the legacy my life will leave. I joke with Sara that if we make it to 70 we are blessed, and that would mean I’ve hit mid-life!

There is so much more I want to do in this life, and I have hope. I know that my best years are yet to be lived.

I look forward to seeing my kids grow and learn to love Jesus and give their whole lives to him. I pray they will go all-in for Jesus earlier than I did.

I look forward to growing old with my beautiful wife and loving her faithfully every day of her life.

I look forward to Verge Church becoming a movement that unleashes regular people on this world to point people to Jesus and see Him redeem everything.

And I look forward to sledding at 45, 55, 65, and maybe even 75… And I’m sure I’ll keep falling flat on my face, but I will be thanking God for the privilege.

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