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When I was a kid we never missed church. One Sunday our family of 8 slid off the road into a tree trying to make it to church and left our station wagon with an improved facade. Crazy I know, but that’s just how I was raised. Well Sunday morning as I loaded up our suburban with the family and some supplies to head to our weekly gathering, I realized I had become my father.

You see, we do this every week as a portable church. No kidding…we bring more stuff with us on an average Sunday than you’ll take all year. But this week was different. Freezing rain and sleet had blanketed our area and the roads were coated with several inches of solid ice. Most of the churches in our community cancelled their services, and we seriously considered doing the same. So why did we meet? Stubbornness? Maybe… Stupidity? Hard to argue against that.

We just love gathering with our church family. We don’t ever want to miss out on that, and felt like we should meet if we could make it safely. We encouraged our people to use wisdom and caution. Most stayed safely in their homes. But a few of us risk-takers braved the ice and the cold to make it to the Malco cinema.

We couldn’t unload our trailer (we’re portable & the parking lot was solid ice), so we couldn’t setup anything other than what we brought with us. In was a no-tech Sunday in our worship. We printed song sheets and sang/preached with no amplification, no lights, no video projection. We did manage to put together some fun stuff for the kids and they had a ball.

The church was still the church and our service glorified God and there was zero stress about the production value. Are we more holy because we braved icy roads to gather? Nope, not one bit.

We gathered with a crew about half the normal size and God even sent three first time guests our way. Really? First time guests on a snow day? Yes sir.

It was a very real service, populated by regular people, worshipping a very real and living God. It may have been stupid to risk it, but it was a Sunday I won’t soon forget.

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